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millionaire may each apply. If you take either be not long in

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disease of meat of parasitic nature called Onchocerciasis. In

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much greater importance. Under these last conditions the medico

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Antoine and in the densely populated sections of La lioquette and

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three different expositions of its own namely Rome Turin and

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ber of the Board should be a medical man a proposal which

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of lung after a stab wound is thoroughly discussed by Kaminin

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might allow room for some patients to say that you had almost

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tion jail work house poor house public school as soon as prac

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urine after each meal. According to the glycogenic doctrine

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of the outlines of the Latin language to enable you to understand

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The Association shall meet annually the time and place to be

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injected into each buttock. With this latter method I have never

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sea on account of color blind ofificials. But if these circumstances

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That the Branch approves of the report and draft clauses submitted to

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and entailing a large amount of responsibity and worry. Dr. Rutherford

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organization tactical disposition on the march and in action

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Majesty s Secretary of State lor India coufcrriug upon members of the

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one of those rare and remarkable creations of the human mind

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ing indubitable glanders lesions in the lungs. One of the

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Branch on the Council of the Association and the other

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Such exclamations as Oh no Doctor it cannot be that

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strong man and an excellent physician who detested keeping

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It is strange but true that man needs to be protected even by

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carried out simply puts the evil out of sight but does nothing to

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of which can often only be known to the examining phy

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To Kill Trichinee. Experiments recently performed have shown

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fact that sand filtration cannot be relied on to remove amoebae.

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than peas others as large as marbles or walnuts while a

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all the directions etc. determined upon in the consultation.

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appointed.Vuditor of Accounts for the current year. On the

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labelled So and so Surgeon address. Cannot the Pharmaceutical

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severe epidemics of it often prevail in tropical countries where

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penetrating into the skull. Dura mater is not injured. The frac

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wholesome deficient vicious or unmanageable are not fit

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in these regions but the majority of cases are the result

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racks and 69.2 per cent of the admissions among the Scouts at

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assisted by several co workers and he has gratefully and

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the foot but slightly influenced by footgear. It is necessary to go

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Association adopt the metric system and that in future all cones

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observation and may be of much assistance in identifying the

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and plants and includes three subdivisions 1 meteorology and

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